Food For Babies

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*Please email us for our current flavours as we update according to what is in season, this is to ensure we have freshest ingredients on hand and provide you with the best quality.

  • All our products come in a 150ml pouch

Apple + Cinnamon R 25.00 (vegan) Stage 1- 6+Months

Banana, Pear + Ginger R 25.00 (Vegan) Stage 1- 6+Months

Beetroot, Carrot + Chickpea R25.00 (Vegan) Stage 1- 6+Months

Sweet Potato, Carrot + Apple R25.00 (Vegan) Stage 1- 6+Months

Quinoa, Papaya + Banana R25.00 (Vegan) Stage 2- 8+Months

Butternut, Cherry + Flaxseed R25.00 (Vegan) Stage 2- 8+Months

Gluten-Free Oats, Prune + Pear R25.00 (Vegan) Stage 2- 8+Months

Chicken, Butternut + Sage R28.00 Stage 3- 10+Months

Beef, Carrot + Sweet Potato R28.00 Stage 3- 10+Months

Sweet Potato, Zucchini + Brown Rice R25.00 (Vegan) Stage 3- 10+Months